Infographic: Customer experience finally gets its rightful place at the top

I’ve made a career of convincing organisations that Digital is not just about saving costs and scaling up, and that there is no tradeoff between online service and the quality of the customer experience. Anyone who has been on hold for minutes on end listening to your call is important to us or has finally got through to an agent that wasn’t having a good day at the office can surely agree, but organisations tend to have much harder a time recognising this simple fact.

Digital customer experience can be crafted in minute detail, developed and personalised by transforming the rich data available to Digital Marketers into a bottomless well of insight through the sieve of user centred design. The results can be mesmerising, as the unstoppable rise in online shopping, service and entertainment clearly shows; if we just stop to pay attention to what separates winners from losers in the infinitely scalable Digital landscape, where winner takes all and there is no room for second best.

A recent Digital Trends briefing by eConsultancy finds that Customer Experience represents the single most exciting opportunity for businesses this year. Consumers rejoice: the penny has finally dropped, and the winner will be all of us.

Most exciting opportunity for marketers [infographic]

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