What Roberto saw this week – 21 July 2017

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.
Albert Einstein

Tour the International Space Station on Google Street View
You can now visit the International Space Station thanks to Google Street View. “Working with Google on my latest mission, I captured Street View imagery to show what the ISS looks like from the inside, and share what it’s like to look down on Earth from outer space” said European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

Encryption: Australia’s prime minister claims laws of mathematics do not apply in Australia
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has proposed laws to require messaging services to hand over the contents of encrypted messages – a technologically impossible task. In response to a question on how legal measures could circumvent the mathematical reality of encryption technology, Turnbull said: The laws of mathematics are very commendable but the only law that applies in Australia is the law of Australia.

How to hire more women into technology roles
If you are serious about your commitment to diversity in tech, here is how you need to start changing your processes and approaches. Do you understand what women in tech look for when choosing their next role? Do you know that women in tech move less than men because the risks are higher? Techworld spoke to over 50 women in tech to find out what good looks like to them.

The Pop-Up Employer: Build a Team, Do the Job, Say Goodbye
Information technology has made the flash organisation a suddenly viable form across a number of industries. Intermediaries are already springing up across industries like software and pharmaceuticals to assemble such organisations: they rely on data and algorithms to determine which workers are best suited to one another.

I don’t know how to use a computer!: the stories of our most dangerous public servants
When someone in public service says: I don’t even know how to take a screenshot, the writer hears: I am a security liability with no interest in knowing about modern ways of working.

Box’s Jeetu Patel on becoming a platform company
The biggest cognitive dissonance that happens is: you don’t start out with a very predefined, prescribed set of use cases. You start with a baseline infrastructure and framework that people build on top of. That is the biggest mind shift you have to make.

Watch 10 hours of beautiful scenery captured by the BBC’s Planet Earth team

BBC Earth Unplugged has released a ten-hour video of relaxing sounds and stunning vistas to provide a relaxing, slow TV style backdrop to your day. Nothing really happens in it, which is why it is so soothing to watch. All footage used was filmed by the Planet Earth II camera teams out on location.

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