2 months in, a look at the past and future of Co-op membership services

The Co-op Annual General Meeting (AGM) last Saturday gave me an opportunity to reflect on what I’ve learned during my first 2 months at the helm of Membership Products and Services.

A very good start for Membership

The membership scheme launched in September 2016. In January, we posted about our ambition: we want 1 million new members this year. Last week, we announced that we’ve added 850k new members. What a great result for the team!

Members have earned over £45 million from the 5% they get back by buying Co-op products and services. They also earn 1% for local causes and since September they’ve accumulated £9 million for 4,000 local causes across the UK.

The future is even brighter: we have plans to make it much easier to transact as a member across the entire journey: from signing up in-store and online to earning, spending and raising money for causes across the range of Co-op businesses.

I have written about the first 8 months of Co-op membership in more detail at the Co-op Digital Blog, including our thinking about new products and services and our efforts to better meet our members needs on mobile platforms.

Membership is in great shape and we have a great team working hard to make the membership experience better and better every day. It’s a great time to be a Co-op member. If you are not yet a member, you should #JoinUs and become a member now!

We publish a membership results dashboard for all to see.

One thought on “2 months in, a look at the past and future of Co-op membership services

  1. Hi Roberto, great summary and be interesting to see how your vision unfolds.

    2 areas I’ve seen / work on that could really help bump up membership and engagement are:

    – loyalty card / payment App
    – in store social wifi/beacons

    I’ve been working on these and seen them in use across retail sectors. But often the latter is missing (leaving a gap in re-marketing and personalisation potential).

    Just a thought to add to the mix perhaps?

    Kindest, Mark

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